A 500-year old tradition

After the marine battle of Santa Croce in 1558, the prestigious Pallavicino family built a fortified villa next to the Po River in order to guard its strategic position.

Since 2004, that villa has housed the Tomasetti Family Winery, a boutique producer of fine wines. Using French vines, planted in the sandy soil of what was once the Po riverbed, the winery produces organic, hand cultivated, aged, dry red wines.

The Tomasetti Family Winery produces four locally-acclaimed wines: a one year old novo red wine; a merlot riserva; aged in French oak; a rosé frizzante; and a twice fermented Lambrusco.

The philosophy of the Tomasetti Family Winery is to maintain wines from single vineyard grapes, cared for and cultivated by hand. The winery does not believe in “constructing” wine to a target taste or consistency. Each vintage should reflect what Mother Nature has produced annually.

Tomasetti Family Winery vintages may be purchased at local Michelin-rated ristoranti or sampled at the Winery by appointment. The Winery is located in Santa Croce (Parma), less than a kilometer from the charming village of Zibello.

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Tomasetti Family Winery

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